Coaches Corner

4th May 2017 interview Hi Chris. First of all congratulations on our first win of the season against a Quinns team that did the double over us and finished fourth last year. How pleased are you, and what were you pleased with today?

Chris Bates: Great win for us against Quinns – I cannot fault the effort of the all the players. It was a shame Brandan was taken out of the game after just 5 minutes…some very dirty tactics from them, but full credit to Sulley, who worked extremely hard and put in a good effort. Personally, I couldn’t stop smiling – it was great to get the first win. The result demanded a great team effort, but what were the deciding factors in today’s game?

Chris Bates: I think that Darren in the centre of the park made the difference – he was composed and his distribution was good. Asa was outstanding I thought and got the 3 points for me. We played our first home game of the season last week against Balga – had a couple of close games with them last year. You must be buzzing after winning 3-2.

Chris Bates: Wow, what a great result from the lads against Balga. It was always going to be a hard game and I knew that the only way to win against them was to attack them…and the team spirit is definitely improving week-by-week. It was an all round great performance from every player. Chris, you’re living up to the club motto, ‘ We Can Only Go Forwards’ – good luck against Melville next week. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of support at the club.

Chris Bates: It was great to see so many people down at the ground this week and hopefully a few more if we can keep our winning ways .

January 2017 interview

As the 2017 season will soon be getting underway, we decided to catch up with Senior State League Coach, Chris Bates, for a quick chat. Hey Chris, how are you going? What brought you to Kelmscott last year?

Chris Bates: After many years of first team coaching at other clubs like Gosnells, UWA Nedlands and then Shamrock Rovers and Swan IC, I wanted to find a club that I could work with from the ground up that gave me a challenge and something for me to build. I decided that Kelmscott was, and is the club for me – as I believe we are at the beginning of revitalising the club to what it once was . There seems to be a bit of a change in the club in the 1 year that you’ve been here. What differences have you noticed?

Chris Bates: I guess part of it is that I’ve managed to bring many players that I’ve coached before at other clubs with me. And along with players already at the club, they have jelled extremely well…and there is a real buzz and enjoyment around all three teams. And I think the last game of the season really showed me that – as the crowd was right behind us and…what a great atmosphere and winning against Morley windmills was a fantastic result and well deserved . Do you think we can improve on last year’s position?

Chris Bates: Without doubt, yes. If you look at the results from last year we lost 8 games by a 1 nil. If we had changed that, we would have finished second on the ladder. So although this year will not be easy – as I believe that it will be a very tough league and very competitive – a top 4 isn’t out of the question . Here’s the big one Chris, and maybe we shouldn’t ask, but where do you see the club in 5 years time?

Chris Bates: Well, if I have my way and the club continues with its support with the things I’m now setting in place,  I think within the next 3 years we can be back in Division 1…and after that…well, I guess we shall have to wait and see.

Thanks Chris – you’re doing a fantastic job. We can’t wait for the season to start – good luck to you and all the lads this year.